Heal Your Life South Africa Certification Courses

Do you have a calling to help children, teenagers and adults?


Thousands of people globally, from many different careers and backgrounds have attended this training to become a HEAL YOUR LIFE FACILITATOR - TEACHER - PRACTITIONER & HEAL YOUR LIFE COACH. 

Therapists, counselors, yoga teachers, holistic healing practitioners, hypnotherapists, social workers, nurses, medical and integrative doctors, care givers, psychologists, corporate trainers, HR professional, life coaches, fitness instructors; parents, teachers and everyday people with a passion to make a positive contribution to their communities globally.

The credit hours for each module is made up of live training seminars + case study hours + written assignments.

It is valuable to note that Heal your Life Modules are unique, as they are written as SELF-help and SELF- empowerment tools. To activate people to take personal charge of their lives and remove the need for a crutch. True empowerment is using one's own personal power rather than believing someone with more power than you can fix you. YOU take charge, we simply teach you some tools, and guide you.

This approach brings a strong and healthy foundation to any life coaching world, as it is created to support people from the inside out. With very simple and effective tools and processes that connects a person to who they really are before they can know sincerely what they really want.

Heal Your Life modules offer a variety of approaches that blend easily with any other forms of healing, teaching, coaching and empowerment through education about human potential to heal and grow. 

Below are the details certification courses available for Heal your Life.

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Holistic Practitioner & Teacher Certification Course

Based on the books Heal Your Life & Heal Your Body by Louise Hay

 A two-fold certification as a study course teacher to offer the Heal Your Life Study Course as created by Louise L Hay based on her books You Can Heal your Life, the workbook and Heal Your Body. Secondly, as a holistic practitioner you will  learn the methods behind the content of the manual, and how to confidently customize sessions based on a clients exact needs, offering a private and personalized experience for youth and adults to further assist their  self-empowerment and healing path.

This course is suitable for you when you: 

  • Desire to help people individually in private, personalised sessions.
  • Have passion to teach youth or adults life skills and how to cope with life challenges.
  • Are a naturally patient and a good listener with the ability to understand people easily.
  • Seem to attract people who share their problems & seek your guidance & advice.
  • Resonate with the topic of mind-body psychology & want to help others heal their body.
  • Are inspired to empower people to really love & accept themselves no matter what
  • Want to be able to create and customize a unique program to help your clients in specific life areas such as relationship, health, money, career, purpose and self-worth and acceptance.


Pre-requisite hours (15) 

5 day Live training hours (35) 

Independant practical assignment hours (50)  


Certificate of Completion of the Love Yourself, Heal Your Life  Study Course with one of our 

Heal Your Life inspired team.

Two certificates in one course

This course is TWO certifications as Heal Your Life "practitioner & teacher", and therefore includes a 50 hour assignment and takes anything from 6-12 months to complete and is aligned to ethics of the Natural Health  Association of South Africa.

Live Training dates:


  • 26-30 October 2019
  • 7-11 March 2020
  • 5-9 September 2020


  • 21-25 September 2019
  • 21-25 March 2020
  • 26-30 September 2020

Western Cape

  • 2-6 November 2019
  • 8-12 August 2020


Heal Your Life COACH certification course

An advanced life coaching course in personal empowerment

This course is suitable for you when you enjoy:

1. A passion to support clients to identify and set life goals.

2. Encouraging action and keeping accountability.

3. Learning psychological filters and skills to determine a client's barriers

4. Setting up a professional life coaching business

5. Being passionate about learning and teaching advanced coaching methods

6. Have patience and dedication to cultivating your expertise in the craft of life coaching.

7. Have a personality and attitude that naturally says "Let us move or be moved!

8. Listening deeply, strategising with a person as an equal and ensuring measurable results can be achieved.

9. Being in a coaching relationship with your own life coach and leading by example, experience and excellence.

The Heal your Life Coach Certification course made up of TWO modules/classes:

1. Introduction to Life Coaching

Before we enter the coaching world, it is imperative that we explore the purpose, function and psychology behind this craft. Get to KNOW your clients, their unique view of the world, how they are wired and what style of coaching is required to activate them into action. Identify why the blocks are in their way and uncover if a client is a coaching candidate or not. Take the learning of Practitioner & Teacher into the next level, once we can dissolve barriers, we can create a map with the client that is SMART.  


Pre-requisite hours (6) 

Live training hours (21)  

Independant practical hours (3)


Completion of  certification as Practitioner & Teacher & READY-STEADY-GROW Life Coaching Package. 

2. Advanced Life Coaching  

This module is the continuation of the module Introduction to Coaching and is the main course to become a Heal Your Life Coach. Learn the practical life coaching methods, combining all the skills and knowledge from previous modules with advanced life coaching tools that teach you how to screen, identify, dissolve, resolve and rebuild with congruent actions.

The filters, screening methods, strategies and tools you learn on this full course serve your own life more greatly as you will no longer see the world through a limited view. This is what supports you in becoming a UNIQUE life coach.


Live training hours (35)  

Independant practical hours (35)


Completion of  certification as Practitioner & Teacher & Introduction to Life Coaching.

This is a specialised training

This course is rich in content and takes anything from 6-12 months to complete and is approved by Comensa meeting the South African and global ethics of life coaching as a profession. 

Introduction to Coaching


  • 3-5 August 2019
  • 14-16 March 2020
  • 22-24 August 2020

Advanced Life Coaching


  • 7-11 September 2019
  • 18-22 April 2020
  • 3-7 October 2020



Heal Your Life Workshop Facilitator

Do you have a personality that enjoys teaching in front of a group?

This certification course offers you a unique opportunity to host the Heal Your Life Workshops for youth and adults, empowering people to connect with themselves and transform their lives! 

 This course teaches skills to become familiar with processes and content of the personal empowerment workshops. Students learn how to facilitate the weekend workshop and create many short courses and key-note "speak to teach" opportunities. 

This course certifies students to facilitate the Heal Your Life Workshops for Adults and Youth in personal capacity and to corporate, education, medical and other institutes. Students will learn the power of communication, creativity and confidence. 

This course is suitable for you when you enjoy: 

  • Talking, speaking & facilitating.
  • Being voice and a leader, and love working with youth and adults in groups.
  • Hosting support groups for a cause
  • Offering personal development programs in corporate, educational, medical and health/wellness sectors.
  • Serving in the community in charity projects and want to empower people with educational  courses to cope with their state of lives,
  • Offering healing retreats to groups of people.
  • Sharing a message, and inspire people to find their voice  when they are going through life challenges that you have personally conquered or experienced?
  • Learning how to create and customise a variety of educational Heal Your Life Workshops with topics that can help people learn how to live well and create wellness.


Pre-requisite hours (14) 

Live training hours (35) 

Assisting hours (42) 

Independant practical hours (9)


Certificate of Completion of the Love Yourself, Heal Your Life 2 day Workshop.

An exclusive course for community and corporate programs.

 This is an educational course that is rich in EQ learning and applicants are required to have an ETDP SETA certificate to qualify. 

We can assist you with information on the  ETDP SETA training with an outsourced company.

First, attend a Heal Your Life Workshop and decide if this course is for you! 

Live Training Dates are: 


  • 22-26 June 2019
  • 28 September - 2 October 2019
  • 4-8 April 2020
  • 12-16 September 2020



  • 19-23 September 2020



  • There are many reputable and dedicated schools that offer life coach training today, and it can become confusing about which one is the best fit for you. Take your time and research your options. Each school is respected for their own vision and purpose and it is important that you align yourself to the one that suits your needs. 

  • If you are seeking a "quick" process to become certified, this course may not be for you, as it is skills based, and requires anything from 6 months to 2 years depending on your choice of modules and pace of growth.

  • Commitment to one's vision and being interested in something are very different concepts, and our course requires commitment to a vision and is designed for education, grooming and supporting students to achieve their unique signature in the world.

  • Live Love Academy holds a very clear value, to uphold the ethics of the service industry and ensure that our graduates meet the education and development requirements in South Africa, and master the craft of life coaching.

  • It is imperative that when considering application for acceptance into this elaborate course, applicants are certain they are willing to be congruent in their own personal growth journey. This benefits their personal experience of the philosophies, tools and strategies they will be studying through the course.

  • Most importantly it gives applicants insight into the depth of commitment required in the profession as a life coach and this supports the decision if this modality meets their needs and  vision that is calling them to this career path. 

  • The academy has continuous mentor and support programs in place at no additional cost to their students, to ensure this commitment is met, therefore please ensure that when considering an application, you have enough time available to attend to home based study and practice hours and monthly on-line mentor sessions.