LIFE SKILLS Coaching for Teenagers

Guiding teenagers to become the best version of themselves

Heal Your Life Workshops for teenagers, Study Courses & Practitioner Sessions build a strong foundation for teenagers and prepare them for advancing into a life coaching relationship.

Personal relationships are really important in a teenagers life, their relationship with money is starting to mean something to them. their sense of self and how to present themselves in the face of peer pressures and demands from everyone around them can cause them to lose their way. They are making decisions about their family life, that may be triggered by resistance and disappointments.

With a life coach by their side they will have a safe space to connect, share and learn. They will identify their own wisdom is always there and that decision making is possible. They are maturing and changing year after year, and sometimes do not know who they becoming. With so much available to numb the over stimulation of their minds, or wake up their quite demeanor, a life coach is invaluable.

Parents can enjoy being a part of this process, with support and guidance as part of the program. 

Teenagers need our attention of a different kind...

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