Holistic Practitioner & Teacher Certification Course

Based on the books Heal Your Life & Heal Your Body by Louise Hay

 A two-fold certification as a Study Course Teacher to offer the Heal Your Life Study Course as created by Louise L Hay, based on the books, You Can Heal your Life, the Heal your Life workbook and Heal Your Body. 

Secondly, as a Holistic Practitioner, you will  learn the filters and methods to support you to read the exact needs of the client and the core purpose within the content of the manual, and how to confidently customize sessions based on a clients exact needs, offering a private and personalized experience for youth and adults to further assist their  self-empowerment and healing path.

This course is suitable for you when you: 

  • Desire to help people individually in private, personalised sessions.
  • Have passion to teach youth or adults life skills and how to cope with life challenges.
  • Are a naturally patient and a good listener with the ability to understand people easily.
  • Seem to attract people who share their problems & seek your guidance & advice.
  • Resonate with the topic of mind-body psychology & want to help others heal their body.
  • Are inspired to empower people to really love & accept themselves 
  • Want to be able to create and customize a unique program to help your clients in specific life areas such as relationship, health, money, career, purpose and self-worth and acceptance.


Certificate of Acknowledgement of Pre-Requisite Study Course (15) 

Certificate of Completion - 5 day Live training hours (35) 

Independent practical case study assignment hours (50)  

PRE-REQUISITE is booked with a :  

Certificate of Acknowledgment of the Love Yourself, Heal Your Life  Study Course


Two certificates in one course

This course is TWO certifications as Heal Your Life "practitioner & teacher", and therefore includes a 50 hour assignment and takes anything from 6-12 months to complete and is aligned to ethics of the Natural Health  Association of South Africa.

Live Training dates:


  • 28 March - 1 April 2020
  • 5-9 September 2020


  • 19-23 September 2020

Western Cape

  • 31 October - 4 November 2020