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Our life transformation technology modules offer a variety of approaches that blend easily with any other forms of healing, teaching, coaching and empowerment that support our human potential to heal and grow.  


Therapists, counsellors, yoga teachers, holistic healing practitioners, hypnotherapists, social workers, nurses, medical and integrative doctors, care givers, psychologists, corporate trainers, HR professional, life coaches, fitness instructors; parents, teachers and everyday people with a passion to make a positive contribution to their communities.

Each module is an elaborate  learning experience with it's own direction. There are a few core reasons a person applies to study with us, 

1. To start a career and earn professionally by doing something they love

2. To improve their community service offering as volunteers. 

3. To add on to their current experience and skills in the personal development industry.

4. To invest in their home life as a parent/guardian raising their children with life skills or for their own personal healing journey or that of a loved one.


Training with us is experiential and practical in nature. You can be assured that your personal knowledge will be enhanced, your natural skills and talents identified to be nurtured and groomed in a beautifully seeded manner.  You will develop confidence in helping people to activate their potentials, to take personal charge of their lives and remove the need for a crutch.  You will advocate true empowerment which is using one's own personal power rather than believing someone with more power can fix it. 

Your expansive tool kit combined with your unique style brings a strong and healthy foundation to any life , as it is created to support people from the inside out. With very simple and effective tools and processes that connects a person to who they really are before they can know sincerely what they really want, then taking them into actively building it.

Live Love Academy is an approved training provider with COMENSA - Corporate Membership No: C4174.

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Live Love Academy is purposefully dedicated to ensuring our student community is supported; empowered; included and groomed to express their unique signature in helping other people evolve.

Speak to one of our esteemed mentors, they can identify your needs and guide you on the best way forward.



Master Coach and Principle Trainer South Africa

Ashika Singh holds an exclusive license with Louise Hay's; Hay House since 2010 as the Principle Trainer and Master Coach for Heal Your Life in South Africa. Founder of Live Love Academy her role is to provide training and mentoring to ensure students develop their chosen craft with excellence and to serve their communities with confidence, commitment and discipline while complying with the professional laws and regulations within South Africa.

Curious about a career in life transformation technology?




A practical live training prepares students to host weekly support groups, study groups and private sessions that help participants to identify emotional barriers and deepen healing in their self-growth journey within an incubated period while enjoying the support of you as a teacher. 

Come learn the method and psychology behind the Heal Your Life study courses that have transformed the lives of youth and adults!

Our teachers are licensed by HAYHOUSE



Take the learning as a Study Course Teacher to the next level! 

An intensive Practitioner-Coach certification course that

advances the further integration of the 4 aspects of self, to dissolve and resolve barriers. One of our main objectives is returning the body, mind, emotion and spirit to a state of harmony. Get to KNOW your clients unique view of the world, and how to combine processes with tools to create phenomenal shifts. Identify the  blocks  and uncover the true potential of personal healing possible for their lives. A great foundation towards our next module as a life coach!



Learn the practical life coaching methods, combining all the skills and knowledge from previous modules with advanced life coaching tools that teach you how to screen, identify, dissolve, resolve and rebuild with congruent actions.

The filters, screening methods, strategies and tools you learn on this full course serve your own life more greatly as you will no longer see the world through an ordinary conditioned lens. This is what supports you in becoming a UNIQUE life coach.

Our coaches are registered with Coaches & Mentors SA (COMENSA)




A rich & intensive certification course teaches students how to FACILITATE the content of the Heal Your Life Transformation Workshops for adults and youth. Come learn the process behind the psychology that makes the Heal Your Life workshops and retreats one of the most celebrated programs in the world!

Our facilitators are ETDP SETA certified.


Your passion to study in this field needs careful attention, and our application process is very simple and effective. We want you to be certain that you are on the best path of study that matches your vision, personality and desires. Your first step is to book an obligation free interview session with a mentor, where you can interview them about their own experience in the industry and share your reason for wanting to study in this field. They will guide you from there. 

Our esteemed MENTORS are listed below. These individuals continue their commitment year after year; maintaining their personal growth goals, upgrading their training; providing mentoring and client service, and preparing applicants for the live training by hosting pre-requisite courses. This places them in a confident position to give a new applicant and new or existing students a wealth of guidance in relation to their choice to study in this industry.

Further they have established their experience and are in an active professional business. They are well skilled as mentors in all our life transformation technology certifications and are committed to mapping your vision into an action plan, based on what you are passionate about and what you really need to build that vision. 

We believe that not everyone that looks this way will join us to study, it is our intention though, to gift you an inner-view session knowing that you will gain insight and inspiration that can help you get clarity on what you seeking, so you can make an educated decision. It is enough for us to be here to listen, share and guide.

Connect with a mentor near you and let your desires/dreams be voiced!


Ashika Soorju


I am enthusiastic about supporting people in reversing stress symptoms in their lives; by using the science of the mind-body. I enjoy teaching individuals and couples how to build healthy relationships with themselves and others.


Bhashni Nana


My passion for holistic well-being combines breath intelligence with body/mind coherence and life coaching techniques that return the mind and body to balance and enhances spiritual harmony.


Kerrisha Gopichand 


I assist clients with entrepreneurial personal development. I believe that conscious business growth for a purpose-driven entrepreneur is achieved through self-leadership, value propositioning and spiritual alignment.


Mala Pillay

+2783 421 2009

I enjoy helping people heal imbalance in their lives by reversing blocked emotions through physical movement, wholesome nourishment with food and personal empowerment coaching.


Shannan Knox


I am a shaman and life coach specializing in teaching ancient healing practices. plant medicine and life skills for obtaining spiritual evolving & psychological integration.


Simone Naidoo


I am great at helping define a client's true potential and supporting their personal growth through a self-education journey to uncover their life purpose and groom their financial security blueprint through specialized money mastery programs.


Valia Zachariou


Mindfulness is the key to a strong and powerful mind and is required for healing the body and building a strong immune system. I help support a dis-eased body in the recovery and healing process as well as the healthy body maintaining vitality by means of ozone therapy where needed. As a life coach I combine mind and body health with self-love techniques that can bring balance to all areas of life.


Varushka Bermal


I am an accountability partner that helps clients groom their mindset to create excellent time management so they can build functional happy relationships in their personal lives, grow in their careers and pursue their dreams.