Study Course & Practitioner sessions

For personal and individualized sessions on your self-healing path for youth or adults

The Heal your Life Study Course is offered in small groups and private sessions. Sometimes, your life circumstances require special and focused attention  in order for you to recover. The week by week sessions are based on the same premise of the Heal Your Life Weekend workshop, and offers you an extended version to support your learning and growth to create a sense of wellness.

The Practitioner sessions usually support you after you complete the heal Your Life Workshop or the Study Course. 


The You Can Heal Your Life Workbook, and the Heal Your Body Book become exceptional guides for you when focusing on helping your body find balance again. Louise Hay used these tools to help her body reverse cancer, and you too can learn how to use the same tools to help your body by identifying the beliefs, emotions and experiences that may have caused damage to the cells in our body. Louise Hay teaches that for every dis-ease there is a mental-emotional rhythm that moves through us offering either damage or healing. To dissolve those experiences in a gentle way helps the body to heal and get strong or vital again. 

"Incurable" usually means "go IN to cure". 


All areas of your life can improve when working with a Practitioner or Study Course Teacher, relationships can heal, your mind-set can improve, your relationship with money can improve and your purpose can be explored. Circumstances in life are created both consciously and unconsciously, and we can learn how to rebuild and restore the parts of our lives that are difficult.

Learning to Love Yourself is the key to creating harmony and peace in your life.

The point of power is in the present moment.

Your life deserves compassion, support and understanding. Our Practitioners are skilled to help you determine and resolve the probable causes to the symptoms in your body, relationships and over all life. The key is to return to self-love.