Principle Trainer & Master Coach South Africa


Ashika Singh founder of Live Love Academy, holds an exclusive license with Hay House to train; certify and license students for the International Heal your Life Workshop Facilitator, Study Course Teacher,  Practitioner and Life Coach Certification Courses.


“I sincerely believe each one of us is unique and has our own signature contribution to our world and this is what I encourage students to achieve. Ensuring they become the best version of self and living their benevolent and most fulfilled life. I enjoy being a practical teacher; everything we learn is absorbed when it is experiential. 

Sharing all the knowledge that comes through me freely, my passion is to witness students flourish, develop and grow into their own  unique visions, and become the  Presence, Voice and Leader they dream of being.

Live Love Academy is committed to People, Passion and Purpose. 

Key Coach & Mentor

Ashika Soorju - Durban - Pietermaritzburg - KZN


 Personal Empowerment Coaching and Corporate Consulting solutions to identify your Aspirations, Magnify your potential and grow your Success.


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Bhashni Nana - Randpark - Randburg


 Take a full view of your life and learn the power of your thoughts and how to dissolve the blocks in your life.


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Kerrisha Gopichand - Edenvale - JHB East


 Create a life or build a business that is authentic and aligned to your purpose as we explore different aspects in conscious leadership, self-realization and personal development. 


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Shannan Knox - Sunninghill - Waterfall - Sandton


 Integration and wholeness is the path of spiritual progression and psychological well-being. One does not exist independent of the other.  Step fully into  authenticity, power and spirituality.


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Simone Naidoo - Greenside - Randburg

Uncover your life's purpose through personal development in areas of money, emotional intelligence a

Uncover your life's purpose through personal development in areas of money, emotional intelligence and holistic life enhancement.


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Valia Zachariou - Randburg - Sandton


 Workshops & coaching for Youth & Adults ready to explore their spiritual gifts, heal their body and create harmony in their lives.


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Key Coach

Desiree Naidoo - JHB North


 Take a bold step in the direction of your career growth while addressing all the areas of your life that sabotage your success.


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Mala Pillay - Midrand/Waterfall


 Are you ready to understand how your emotions and thoughts affect your physical health? There is an immense healing opportunity that exists in the connection between Mind and Body to help build a healthy body and life.


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Raksha Ramkilowan - Bryanston - Sandton


A dynamic transformational experience for women seeking self-growth to gain clarity in life and make confident choices in important life stages.


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Sariksha Naiker - The Bluff - Merebank - Durban


Engineering our thoughts and reconstructing our broken parts can help us to create a life as a wholesome masterpiece.


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Varushka Bermal - Randpark - Randburg


 Personal accountability for the choices we make. Let's drive you into action to achieve the life you envision. Your power is your freedom of choice, choose what is best for you!


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Life Coach

Alison Livanos - Sandton


  Expand your horizons as you Explore, Imagine, Create and Grow according to your highest truth. Connecting with your creative child within, journey on an adventure of personal growth through Self-Love and HeART connection.


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Brigitte Sequira - Randpark


A spiritual healing approach that offers sessions, workshops & courses that help you discover who you are, to cultivate your gifts & talents. Supporting youth and adults through pain and suicidal emotions, healing grief without suffering; restoring physical well-being and repairing relationship with self and others.


Elizma Steenkamp - Klein Karoo - Groot Karoo


Transformational- and Personal Development Coaching for a better way of living using various tool in the process.  The Science of Co-Creating starts with our thoughts.   Well-being is our legacy.



Tasneem Omar - Jhb South


You can create the life you deserve! Learn how to connect with yourself, embrace ALL that you are and your sense of BE-ing. Find inner peace and joy.


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Sandy Albarran - Somerset West


Learn to manage stress, achieve growth and goals; overcome personal and relationship challenges through proven life coaching and hypnotherapy.


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Sharon Mc Nally - Southern Suburbs, Cape Town


Individual & group sessions, workshops, retreats and Motivational talks. Let us uncover your beliefs and how they have created the life you have, learn practical tools to begin to change every aspect of your life.

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Live Love Coach Academy

Live Love Academy subscribes to South African Qualification Standards.  Credit hours are achieved by a student over a period of 1-5 years, depending on the module/certification chosen. Growing with each year, through live training; assignments; mentoring and support platforms offered by Live Love Academy. The members listed on our directory are active, committed and loyal to their vision and the contribution to lives of youth and adults. 

Key Life Coach & Mentor completed module 2-3-4, is in the third year of credentialing process and currently a Comensa Student Member

They have escalated their skills to include mentoring, they have achieved an established client base, providing outstanding service, through workshops; excelled in their life coaching skills development and pass these gems on to their fellow coaches as mentors. They also prepare new applicants for their training journey, mentoring them every step of the way. This is the last phase in their student skills development path, and they are ready to be credentialed as Coaches and Mentors and independent Comensa members, serving the greater community as effective leaders in their expertise and personal vision. These coaches set a benchmark for excellence in the craft of personal development/empowerment.

Key Life Coaches & Mentors are credited with a minimum of 400 core hours.  

Key Life Coaches completed module 2-3-4, is in the second year of credentialing process and currently a Comensa Student Member They have shown competency, commitment and consistency towards their craft and expertise as a life coach. They have established a life coach business, have a growing client base, and healthy experience. They could offer workshops, teach the Heal Your Life study course, offer practitioner sessions and key level coaching sessions. 

Key life coaches are credited with a minimum of 300 hours core hours.

Life Coach has completed module 2-3-4, is in the first year of credentialing process and is now a Comensa Student Member       

They have confidently built their knowledge base; and dedicated to building vision as a life coach.  Their base experience is the Practitioner/Study Course Teacher that offers clients a customized experience in self-development and healing. They are able to identify the clients goals in their current life, while knowing their life story and limitations from the practitioner skills, and using their Life Coach skills are able to support the client in live time coach session to get them into action.  They have completed 3-4 modules and offer workshops, teach the Heal Your Life study course, offer practitioner sessions and life coaching sessions. 

Coaches are credited with a minimum of 200 core hours.

Facilitators/Practitioners/Teachers have completed module 1 and module 2 and are certified and licensed with Hay House               They are actively serving youth and adults with a variety of Heal Your Life workshops, teaching the Heal Your Life study course, and creating customised practitioner sessions. They are able to combine packages that offer you the best fit for a client's time. 

Facilitators/Practitioner/teachers have minimum skills of 200 core hours. 

Practitioners/ Study Course Teachers have completed module 2 and are certified and licensed with Hay House 

They are actively serving youth and adults with the Heal Your Life study course, and customised practitioner sessions. The role of practitioner is offered in private sessions, assisting client to learn how to truly connect with self, dissolve emotional barriers and rebuild their lives. 

Practitioners/Study Course Teachers have minimum skills of 100 core hours. 

Facilitators have completed module 1 and are certified and licensed with Hay House - they are actively serving youth and adults with Heal Your Life Workshops in groups or in private. The workshop formats and topics are various.  Facilitators offer an incubated experience teaching you practical tools, how to dissolve emotional barriers, create peace within and set yourself free from the past. Heal Your Life facilitators are certified and recognised by Education Training & Development Seta. (external certification).

Facilitators have minimum skills of 100 core hours.

Kindly note:  Credit hours are shown on our website as required by regulation. Each module has competency assessments that are based on the number of hours  the student has completed for the certification they chose to complete. Not everyone chooses all four modules,  as not everyone needs all four to achieve their purpose and vision. By a student's hours completed  and their continuous service to the community, they can become experts in the modules/certification they choose.