Teen Empowerment Workshops

Age aligned workshops to empower teenagers

The transition from childhood into a teenager is the first physical change the body and mind goes through and it sets the stage for the rest of our lives. With self-growth becoming more and more fluent in our lives as adults, many parents would give anything to pass that experience forward to their teenager, however, this is not always easy, as there seems to be a barrier of resistance between them.

Heal Your Life Workshops are based on the same philosophies, principles, processes and tools as for adults, however, it is presented in an age aligned way, using different styles of teaching, exploring and inspiring. Teenagers complain that "no-one will understand them", we teach teenagers that they can connect with themselves instead of run away from who they are, that there are safe places for them to speak, share and learn more about themselves and what inspires them. 

Teenagers can benefit by learning:

The power of emotions and what to do when they become intense.

How to love and accept their bodies through its changes

The art of focus on concentration by discovering their point of passion/joy

How to manage their state when home and school life overwhelms them

How to dissolve the past and create peace of mind

The role of fears and phobias

Creative exploration of their true voice

Parents can benefit from the support our workshop facilitators offer you, to understand the needs of your child and how you can be part of the building process. This feedback session is part of the workshop your child attend. 

There are workshops on many teenage related needs such as self-confidence, self-worth, relationships, family conflicts, power of the mind, social skills and other life skills topics.

All children deserve to feel safe, loved & understood. We can help.

Heal Your Life Teen workshops are offered to the following age groups:

Children Pre-Teen aged 10-12

Teenagers aged 13-15 + 16-18