LIFE SKILLS Study Course for Teens


Heal Your Life Study Course for teenagers offers group and private sessions, using the You Can heal Your Life book, offering customized age aligned methods and processes that teach life skills for self-growth. Our teachers enjoy creating a light heartened, relaxed environment, with props and layout that suits the carefree energy of teenagers. Each session has a focused topic, and allows your child to explore that part of their lives. 

When a child prefers private sessions to deal with personal struggles, or does not enjoy being in a group, private sessions are arranged for them.

Just like our workshops for teenagers, the study course does require a parent/guardian to be involved, we understand the benefit of building relationships with a child and an involved parent/guardian contributes to the child's growth tremendously when they are a part of the solution.

There are sessions and programs for parents to help you receive support, guidance and learning as well. 

We can empower teenagers to trust in their abilities.

Book a FREE exploration session with one of the teacher-practitioners, to map the possibilities of empowerment for teenagers and parents alike.