Heal Your Life COACH certification course

An advanced life coaching course in personal empowerment

This course is suitable for you when you enjoy:

1. A passion to support clients to identify and set life goals.

2. Encouraging action and keeping accountability.

3. Learning psychological filters and skills to determine a client's barriers

4. Setting up a professional life coaching business

5. Being passionate about learning and teaching advanced coaching methods

6. Have patience and dedication to cultivating your expertise in the craft of life coaching.

7. Have a personality and attitude that naturally says "Let us move or be moved!

8. Listening deeply, strategising with a person as an equal and ensuring measurable results can be achieved.

9. Being in a coaching relationship with your own life coach and leading by example, experience and excellence.

The Heal your Life Coach Certification course made up of TWO modules/classes:

1. Introduction to Life Coaching

Before we enter the coaching world, it is imperative that we explore the purpose, function and psychology behind this craft. Get to KNOW your clients, their unique view of the world, how they are wired and what style of coaching is required to activate them into action. Identify why the blocks are in their way and uncover if a client is a coaching candidate or not. Take the learning of Practitioner & Teacher into the next level, once we can dissolve barriers, we can create a map with the client that is SMART.  


Pre-requisite hours (6) 

Live training hours (21)  

Independent practical hours (3)


Completion of  certification as Practitioner & Teacher & READY-STEADY-GROW Life Coaching Package. 

2. Advanced Life Coaching  

This module is the continuation of the module Introduction to Coaching and is the main course to become a Heal Your Life Coach. Learn the practical life coaching methods, combining all the skills and knowledge from previous modules with advanced life coaching tools that teach you how to screen, identify, dissolve, resolve and rebuild with congruent actions.

The filters, screening methods, strategies and tools you learn on this full course serve your own life more greatly as you will no longer see the world through a limited view. This is what supports you in becoming a UNIQUE life coach.


Live training hours (35)  

Independant practical hours (35)


Completion of  certification as Practitioner & Teacher & Introduction to Life Coaching.


This is a specialised training

This course is rich in content and takes anything from 6-12 months to complete and is approved by Comensa meeting the South African and global ethics of life coaching as a profession. 

Introduction to Coaching


  • 14-16 March 2020
  • 1-3 August 2020

Advanced Life Coaching


  • 18-22 April 2020
  • 3-7 October 2020