Heal Your Life Workshop Facilitator

Do you have a personality that enjoys teaching in front of a group?

This 7 day, 50-hour rich & intensive live training course teaches students how to FACILITATE the content of the Heal Your Life Transformation Workshops for adults and youth.  We are eager to welcome into our classrooms students of life that are natural teachers and enjoy leading a group. Come learn the process behind the psychology that makes the Heal Your Life programs one of the best in the world!  

As a Heal Your Life FACILITATOR, you can host workshops for Adults and Youth in a personal capacity; to corporate, education, medical and other institutes. 

This course is suitable for you when you enjoy: 

  • Talking, speaking & facilitating.
  • Being voice and a leader, and working with youth and/or adults in groups.
  • Hosting support groups.
  • Offering personal development programs in corporate, educational, medical and health/wellness sectors.
  • Serving the community with charity projects and want to empower people with educational  courses to cope with their state of lives,
  • Hosting wellness retreats.
  • Sharing a message, and inspire people to find their voice  when they are going through life challenges that you have personally conquered or experienced.
  • Customizing a variety of educational Heal Your Life Workshops based on the need of the participants. 



Certificate of Acknowledgement of Pre-Requisite - Heal Your Life Workshop (15) 

Certificate of Completion - 7 day residential - Live training hours (50) 


Due to the nature of the content of this course, and the evening preparation time required for practical hours that are facilitated and assessed each day, including the personal growth experiences, all students are required to stay and study for the full 7 days. Bookings open 6 months in advance allowing enough time for financial planning to secure accommodation bookings. Graduation for Certification takes place on day 7 at 14h00. 


Certificate of Completion of the Love Yourself, Heal Your Life 2 day Workshop.


An exclusive course for community and corporate programs.

This is an educational course that is rich in EQ learning and applicants are required to have an ETDP SETA certification completed before attendance at live training for this module. We can assist you with information on the  ETDP SETA training with an outsourced company.

First, attend a Heal Your Life Retreat and decide if this course is for you! 


Live Training Dates are: 


Check in:       17 July 2020 @ 14h00

Check Out:    24 July 2020 @ 15h00