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You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L Hay

Louise Hay founder of Hay House Publishers, Hay Foundation and the Heal your Life Courses, Author of her best-selling book, You Can Heal Your Life, has transformed the lives of millions of people worldwide. Her story is truly one of courage and triumph.  

 The Louise Hay Philosophy is built upon the foundation that every person has access to the ability to heal their lives, body and circumstances. The body can return to its natural state of good health and we can have good and healthy relationships, and we can create a prosperous life.  

When we have the tools, support and guidance, we can overcome past hurts by GENTLY working through them, with a willingness to heal and let go of all that no longer serves us. It is liberating when we can finally find that space to forgive our self and others through the cultivation of SELF LOVE and ACCEPTANCE and becoming mindful of our words, thought and actions.   

Louise Hay says that, “Life is very simple – what you give out, you get back. What we believe about ourselves and our lives becomes the true for us. We live in an ever-expanding, unlimited Universe. The possibilities available to us are far beyond what our human minds can imagine. The only thing that ever limits us is our thinking. We waste our thoughts thinking of limitations. Our thoughts are so precious. EVERY thought we think is creating our future! Each one of us creates our experiences by the thoughts we think and the words we speak. We usually like to blame others for our situations but no person, place or thing has any power over us, for we are the only thinkers in our mind. 

All the events we have experienced in our lifetime up to this moment have been created by our thoughts and the beliefs we have held in the past.  Beliefs are only thoughts and thoughts can be changed! The past has no power over us. It doesn’t matter how long we have had a negative pattern. The point of power is in the present moment. This is a wonderful thing! We can begin to be free in this moment. If you continue to think the thoughts that you always have, you will only get the same results. 

There’s only one question: Are you willing to change? The reward is that we get to watch day by day as our lives turn into the most joyous, loving, healthy, prosperous, fabulous experiences. And this will last for all the rest of our days on Earth.”  

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